Thursday, September 25, 2014

         -practice multiplication facts

      Some suggested 4th grade IXL lessons for unit practice: 
                  A.3 word names for numbers
                  B.1 add numbers up to millions
                       C.1 subtract numbers up to millions
                  W.3 mean, median, mode, and range
                   J.6 interpret line plots  

How to get to IXL: 
IXL for math practice can be accessed through the Nelson Ridge webpage.  
Username: 122first and last name Example: 122trisharick
Password: nlsd & student ID number password Example: nlsd12345

       -Chapter 2 test tomorrow!
  Students are encouraged to use their vocabulary cards, science notebook, textbook, quizlet, and study guide to review for the upcoming test.  
                Click on Quizlet  for online vocabulary practice