Friday, November 6, 2015

*November Book-it: If you would like to participate please turn in your form by December 2nd. 

Tonight's homework:

Math: none
*Keep practicing multiplication facts!

Need extra practice with fractions?..... Try these IXL lessons:
Q4: Find equivalent fractions using area models
Q6: Equivalent Fractions
Q8: Patterns of Equivalent Fractions
Q14: Compare Fractions with like numerators or denominators
Q16: Compare Fractions
Q20: Order Fractions

Science:  practice vocabulary: Quiz November 16
                       photosynthesis, chlorophyll, sepal, pistil, stamen, ovary, fertilization
I recommend using to practice vocabulary words as well.  Go to and type:  trick3  in the search box.... that will bring you to my account where you can then click on Science Chapter 2.

Social Studiesnone

We are currently learning:

Math unit 3: Fractions and Decimals
Social Studies:  We will not be studying Social Studies at this time.
Science:  Chapter 2: Energy from Plants


How to get to IXL: You can always use IXL to practice math skills.

IXL for math practice can be accessed through the Nelson Ridge webpage.  
Username: 122first and last name Example: 122trisharick
Password: nlsd & student ID number password Example: nlsd12345

Science and Social Studies online text information was sent home on Friday, September 25th!