Monday, May 16, 2016

Tomorrow: silly socks and shoes day

Tonight's homework:

Math: link 8-10
           *Keep practicing multiplication facts!

Looking for extra practice?..... Check out IXL!


I recommend using to practice vocabulary words as well.  Go to and type:  trick3  in the search box.... that will bring you to my account.

Social Studies West and Southwest Regions states and capitals quiz on May 18th!  We are studying both regions and will not have an end of unit test.

We are currently learning:

Math  unit 8: Fraction Concepts and Applications
Social Studies:  West and Southwest Regions  
Science:  We will not be studying science at this time.


How to get to IXL: You can always use IXL to practice math skills.

IXL for math practice can be accessed through the Nelson Ridge webpage.  
Username: 122first and last name Example: 122trisharick
Password: nlsd & student ID number password Example: nlsd12345

Science and Social Studies online text information was sent home on Friday, September 25th